Sunday, December 04, 2016

Bonaventure Again

Got up a little after 5:00 and had time to make a big salad before I was due at Bonaventure. Got there at 10:00 and found that I was mistaken about the activity: This wasn't the North Pole thing, it was the holiday boutique thing. I bought a few overpriced little goodies, some for presents. Also bought for myself a great fluffy scarf in one of my favorite colors, deep, deep rose. Sherry, Doris, and Carole got there and we browsed around. Lunch--hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, soda, brownies--was served outside. It was a bit windy, but okay. I asked the three if they'd go to Santa Barbara for my birthday party on the 29th. They all enthusiastically said they would, so I'll have them sent invitations, along with Nancy, Sue, Gabrielle, and maybe Joyce and Donna.
After that affair, I went home to change, then to run the multitude of errands that somehow accumulate when my back is turned. I exchanged the sneakers--oh, I forgot, they're called tennis shoes now--I had bought last week for a half size larger. Also bought two pair of fleece-lined tights (although, come to think of it, I haven't wore a skirt for about a year, so when will I wear them?) and got other stuff. I must remember to get new windshield wipers at Meineke and make appointments for the new blood work and doctor's visit.
Gabrielle called in the evening, agonizing over whether to go to the Golden Girls of Ventura next Sunday or not. It's supposed to be a cookie exchange and we're supposed to bring five dozen--gawd! I already have the ingredients for one batch of my chocolate delight bars, but maybe will have to make two (or maybe just cut them smaller). She also wanted to chat, which we did. She's a very "down" type; I think she's chronically depressed, but I try to be patient and friendly and never, never, give her any unsolicited advice. Anyway, she's daunted by the cookie situation and may or may not go to the luncheon next Sunday.
Ojai with El and Greg today.

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