Friday, December 16, 2016

Acting Class, Maybe

AAGH--I almost shot myself in the foot! Or something.
I was wondering why I hadn't heard from Marsha Meyer about my Acting for Amateurs class; I assumed she or somebody at the Ventura location would call to set up an appointment. But yesterday morning, I was just idly going through old messages and came across her e-mail. Reading it over, it seemed to indicate I should call her--said she'd be there on the thirteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth. Darn, it was already the fourteenth. I called as soon as they opened, talked to somebody in the office, then to her assistant, who said she'd tell Marsha. She called back a few hours later to ask if I could come in today at 10:30. Yes, yes, absolutely--I was thrilled I hadn't screwed it up. We'll see what she has to say and if--it's a big if--I want to pursue it after I hear it.
Betty called. She landed in L.A. last night about 1:00 am and her daughter-in-law picked her up. I invited her to come here (on the train) on Sunday; maybe I'll ask if she wants to stay overnight.
For this area, it's been miserably cloudy the past few days. I looked at the weather and saw it was 61 degrees yesterday; it even rained a few--very few--sprinkles when I was coming back from the library. Forecast says it will be cloudy today, too, but sunny tomorrow. But, hey, I shouldn't complain--this computer still shows temps from south Jersey and in Tuckerton, it's 19 degrees.
From my blog of December 20, 2011:
"One more day before I mark three quarters of a century. Am I okay with that? Hell, no."
Geez, I'd be okay with it now!

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