Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cookies and Christmas Party

A dreary day, weatherwise: heavy, overcast skies that threatened rain all day. I was making the Chocolate Delight Bars to take to the cookie exchange practically all day, too. What a chore! We were supposed to bring five dozen, so I made two batches. Naturally, because I was born under the wrong sign or something, I had to pick a fairly complicated recipe that involves three distinct steps: mixing and molding a kind of crust on the bottom of the pan and baking it; spreading chocolate chips over and back in the oven; beating eggs, melted butter, and finely chopped nuts, pouring that on the top and baking it. I didn't actually double the recipe in the same bowl because sometimes that doesn't work. I made two distinct batches in two different bowls, side by side. Whew! The luncheon isn't until 2:00, so I still haven't cut them into squares, but damn, there'd better be enough. If not, tough.
Got ready and went to Donna's all-day (3 pm to 9) open house Christmas party. I wore my new deep rose-red fluffy scarf, as it exactly matches a top I have. Donna invited only a few of us from the widder group; I invited her to Betty's and my party on the twenty-ninth and was pleased that she accepted. She lives only about a five-minute drive away, but on Petit Avenue, the street from Hell.
Why? Because the main Petit Avenue is bisected by the freeway and you have to take a circuitous route to get from one section to the other. Incredibly, there's a second Petit that doesn't bear any relationship that I could see to the first one. This is where she lives and I finally got there after circling around, then finally driving back to my place to check the address. I got there about 4:30.
Donna, who was widowed early, is about 52, I guess--no kids, but two enormous fluffy Australasian something-or-others dogs. Her house is very impressive--large, nicely laid out, and with beautiful patios and a backyard to die for. It was a little cool and she had a roaring fire in the fire pit outside, as well as one in the great room fireplace. Lots of good food, of course, and enough drinks (booze and plain) to stock a bar.
Anyway, I had a great time; three others from the widder group were there, plus Donna's Dad, my pal Joe, the one who graduated from Rider and is 91. There was a big crowd coming in at various times, ranging in age from, I guess, twenties to--well, yes, nineties.
It was great fun.

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