Thursday, December 15, 2016


It's hard to believe, but I spent the entire first part of the day--until almost 2:00!--on what used to be called "paper work." I went through hundreds, if not thousands, of Word documents, read several, and printed out about twenty of them. These include stories, poems, and plays in progress that I realize I can always call them up, but I wanted a lot of them in hard copy.
I also filed a lot of the above, plus other papers, and called IRS to be sure they had my new address. Called Primary Medical to make a next appointment in March; my Quest appointment for blood work is in February. I'm also working on a new project for which I need to pull together this and that, so I spent more time on that.
Finally got sick of staying in--I can't remember the last time I stayed in so long--and went to a few stores. Got three small tins at the 99 cent store, which I'll fill with cookies I got at the cookie exchange, for Carole, Doris, and Sherry, whom I'll see at Sherry's next week. Stopped at Smart 'N' Final for a few things, then went to get gas, but it was jammed, so I'll go today.
I had prepared a small pot roast by pressing minced garlic on it and put it in the slow cooker with mushroom soup. It was excllent--tender and flavorful--when I got home and I ate it all for dinner. I fairly often do this: Simply have one item for dinner, such as meat, broccoli, or a whole butternut squash. It may or may not balance out, but I don't care.

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