Saturday, December 03, 2016

Holiday Party

Showered and dressed and got to the BCNN Holiday party before 11:00. I was determined not to wear red, so put on my deep purple top with matching jacket in purple and black, along with the necklace I bought several years ago right off the neck of the artist who made it. I was the first of our group to get there and staked out a table for Sue, Nancy, Carole, Doris, Sherry, and me. Two other women sat with us, but they arrived very late.
The party was at the Wedgewood Country Club and was nice enough, if not particularly memorable. Champagne flowed freely and you could add orange juice to it for a mimosa--or not. I had two glasses with and two without. Four glasses might sound like a lot, but of course, they held only a few ounces and I was eating, so just got a slight enjoyable buzz.
The entertainment consisted of a young comedian, a guy named Brian or Something Love. He was okay, but this took place before lunch and we were all hungry at that point. Finally, we ate--buffet was roast beef and the usual sides; carrot cake for dessert, not one of my favorites, but of course, I ate it anyway. After that, the president (can't remember her name) took it on herself to go to the microphone and read selections from two hoary and tedious Christmas tales--the Wales one by Dylan Thomas and the southern one by Truman Capote. Why she couldn't come up with something more original and less tedious than those two, I don't know. Anyway, it was finally over.
The high point for me was from Sue: a shawl--in purple because she knows I like that color--which she knitted and gave me as an early birthday present. She also gave me one of the Christmas balls for which she knits a kind of wrap; she had several with her and let me pick out my own. I chose a pretty red one with gold beads.
It broke up about 3:30 and I went home to change, then to a few places to get a few items, including some Christmas stickers to put on the little card with the verse I wrote. I'll put it in with the ornament for the exchange on Monday.
I had gotten a PM from niece Carolyn inviting Betty and me to ask any of our friends to our joint birthday party on December 29. Called El, who couldn't remember exactly where it will be (in Santa Barbara), but Carolyn will let me know. El was at Greg's mother's house, also in SB and I asked to talk to her ("Roz"). I invited her to the party, and will send an invitation, too. El, Greg, and I made a date to go to Ojai tomorrow for lunch and whatever else.

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