Saturday, December 10, 2016

Interesting, To Say The Least

Well, it was an interesting--to say the least--day. Took my acting proposal and cover letter to the post office and sent it off to Marsha, of SCAN. Dressed and made up for the Caregiver's Holiday Open House, but stopped at WinCo first for various. Couldn't resist two beautiful red poinsettias which are now gracing the living room. Went home and put everything away, then drove the short distance to Caregivers.
Like last year, there was a great spread of hot and cold appetizers, plus yummy desserts, and--a civilized touch, I say--champagne and wines. Had some of the former with pomegranate in it (so delish!) and watched the short presentation. I think I'll volunteer to be a phone caller; I was told one of the people who would like to be called was Eva Gabor's stand-in--I'd love to talk to her.
From there, I had a little lunch at home, went to The Townehouse, where I was to meet Doris and listen to Dr. Wordling's lecture. There were about 150 in the audience and Doris sat in between Jan, another acquaintance of hers, and me. After Doc had spoken (on normal changes during the aging process) for about fifteen minutes, Doris said she was hot and Jan and I tried to help her take off her sweater. Suddenly, Doris slumped against me with her head thrown back and her eyes open and fixed. I supported her while I threw my arm up and called, "Dr. Wordling, there's a problem here." Doc immediately left the podium and rushed down to us. He spoke to Doris and, after a bit, she responded.
Anyway, 911 was called and the EMTs came in about ten minutes. They did this and that, then bundled Doris onto a gurney and took her off. I met them at the hospital--actually, I got there first--and stayed with her in the emergency area until 5:30 when she was released. Of course, they did all kinds of tests--EKG, chest X-ray, and so on--and it seems to have simply been a fainting episode (she said she had never had one before).
I drove her back to The Townehouse to get her car and she was able to drive the mile or so home.
Although it seems not to have been caused by any serious problem, but it scared the hell out of us for a time. I'm glad she's okay.


iloveac said...

Holy Mackerel Rosemary that was scary. Mostly for you since she was unresponsive at first. Hope it doesn't happen again....particularly if she's driving.

Mimi said...

I got the strong impression that it was an isolated incident; none of the tests showed any problem (BP, heart, lungs). Aside from her knees, which have given her problems for years, she's healthy. Incidentally, Doris is very slender; she weighs 110, which is what I weighed when I was married!