Tuesday, December 13, 2016


An active and good day. Called Sue, who said she had been about to call to ask me hows about lunch? Sure, and we settled on Brophy Bros. today at noon. Called Carole, who had been concerned about Sue, as she hadn't heard from her, to assure her Sue okay. We talked for fifteen or so. Then called Nancy, who's still holed up with her torn rotator cuff; we talked for a half hour or more. Nance wants to go to the party and we're both hoping they all might want to go on the train.
Had an big phone argument with AT & T, which I won't even go into here, but I think it's resolved. Went out with a list of ten items, including oranges and a gold ribbon for my wreath; remarkably, I was able to get all of them at WinCo, the 99 cent store, and Walmart. Stopped at Michael's to finally, at long last, return the ornament I had gotten Greg. Darn, this time--on a Monday morning, for Pete's sale--the line stretched all the way along the front and down an aisle. This is the fourth time I've left Michael's because of the lines; asked a cashier when it might be less crowded and he said when they open at 9 am, so I intend to go there shortly before p.t. this morning.
Betty called and we chatted about this and that, including her blood test from the Mayo Clinic. El called to ask if I could pick her up a little earlier than 4:30--sure could, and I did. Took her home from school, then to the garage to get her car. We were both pleased that they didn't charge her a dime, although she had had it towed. The tow guy didn't bother to look at the battery, just said it was the starter, but all it needed was a charge (the light had been left on overnight). I guess they didn't charge because they knew it was his error.
El gave me three Bistro MD meals--talipia, as she's not crazy about it. I like it and had one for dinner.

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