Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sailboat Sue

Well, it was another active one. Got up early--5:15--did my Internet stuff, jumped in the shower and got to Michael's at 9 am. Finally, I was able to return the item without waiting in line.
Went from there to my p.t. appointment and finished up about 10:30. Picked up a few items before I changed and met Sue at Brophy Bros. for lunch at noon. After, she invited me to see the marina and boat where she and her husband live and I followed her to Oxnard.
It's a neat place and she has an almost tame duck; she just called and it came swimming over and climbed onto the dock to get the cat food Sue sprinkled around. She then called a gull that also seems to be tame--it swam over and she threw nuggets in the water for it to grab--very cute.
Sue showed me the clubhouse, which she had decorated with the wreaths and swags she had made herself. Then we went to the boat--a fifty footer, also hung with lights and garlands. I managed to get on--barely. Sue is pretty tall, but I'm not and to enter, you have to climb up three high stairs, step over, then go up again to a place on the front. From there, you step down into the interior, but it's a long, long step and I wasn't about to. Instead, I looked inside; I met one of their two cats, a truly evil-looking Tom--pure black with golden eyes. Sue opened a kind of hatch and showed me their bed--I have the idea the "bedroom" consists of simply the bed. It's way below water level and with my mild claustrophobia, I wouldn't last there ten minutes.
As we stood talking on the deck, a dolphin broke water not ten feet from us, and dived up and down several times--much fun to see. Sue also pointed out bright red starfish. I had never seen starfish that color before. Of course, there was vocal sea lions nearby, also. Anyway, it was very interesting, but as for living on a boat, uh-uh, no sir, not me.
Stopped after at Wal-Mart for a few things, then took clothes to the laundry place. As I was coming in between wash and dry, my neighbor, Sister Suzanne, invited me in to see her Christmas decorations, plus the gorgeous cream and pink rose blooming in her garden. I did, admired them, and impulsively invited her to the twinnie party. She said she'd like to come and would respond to Carolyn.

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