Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Down and Up

An up and down day--or I should say, a down and up day, because it started off with frustrating problems, then improved.
First, my printer refused to scan. No error message or anything else came up, it just didn't scan (or preview) when I wanted it to. I sought help on the Internet, but the person wouldn't give me a cost up front, so I dropped it and decided to deal with it later.
Went to the post office to send the Jersey boys their Christmas present and, of course, there was a long, long line. However, you can use a machine to do it yourself. I went over there and waited while the woman in front of me took her time, then punched in the address and--it said the package would be sent to Manahawkin. What? Darn, I had the wrong zip code. I had to get back in the long line, although a man let me in front of him and the next people after said to go ahead. BTW, when I have to wait and wait in a line, I like to tell my fellow waiters that when I came in, I was 25.
Anyway, finally got to the mail person. He looked up the zip for Bordentown, but then told me there's no "Chester Street" there. AAGH! I not only had the wrong zip, I had the wrong street. Well, I'll cut it short: Called a few people, got the address, went back, and mailed the package.
After that, I went to Kohl's and Michael's and got several presents. Went home to work on the "name verse" cards for my four friends; luckily, I was able to find some plain white, heavy stock, note cards and envelopes, which is just what I wanted. Worked on them at home, but I need some stick-on alphabet letters, too. Went to three stores and none had them. Will have to go back to Michael's tomorrow.
Later, things were looking up: I was able to scan again, plus El called, then came over with others and we had a good family visit. I received a large box from son, Mike, and family for my birthday. It contains a big rosemary plant, which I'll put on the patio, then maybe plant there.
Today is my eightieth birthday. The mind reels.


iloveac said...

I bet you used to think eighty was old, didn't you? Not so old now, is it? You are so active and full of life, you will never seem old. I hope it's a good day. I know you're looking forward to your big celebration on the 29th.

Enjoy every minute of it. I love the news clipping that told how you and your twin were almost born in different cities.

Mimi said...

Thanks so much, my young friend. Just think, we're in two different decades now, so to speak, but don't be in any hurry to catch up!