Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Walking and Widder Dinner

I'm happy to report I'm back at Kimball. Walked the mile and a half and am glad of it.
After breakfast, I took a deep breath and contacted Horizon of NJ to say I was dropping them as of 12/31. Was told I had to send a FAX. Called Humana (RX) and got that dropped. Went to UPS and sent the FAX. The preceding took the entire morning--what a hassle!
Lunched, then drove into town to a few of the thrift stores I like. Got a decorative box for the closet and a basket, but mostly just looked around.
Niece Carolyn called to tell me more plans for Betty's and my joint birthday party. If the guest list isn't too large, it will be at her house; otherwise at a rented place on the beach. We had a long talk after that about various family things. I'll invite the friends I have here and they can respond to her.
Jumped in the shower after that to get ready for the widder group dinner. It was okay, but the service at Marie Callender's (not exactly a high-toned restaurant in the first place) was, as usual, abysmal. There was only one server for twenty-something of us and it took an age to place orders, then get our meals. I know they have Blue Moon on tap, which is my usual, and ordered that--server came back to say they were out of it. That's the second time in the last few months this place has run out of Blue Moon. Either it's a lot more popular than I thought or the bar master doesn't know how to order. I then switched to Shock Top and shortly, server came back to tell me they had run out of that, too. What the--! My third try was a Modelo; this is a Mexican beer that I used to order at Yolanda's and I like it okay. Server brought it and there wasn't even the hint of foam on top. I complained, she asked if I wanted to send it back, but since my meal (mediocre fried shrimp) was in front of me, I decided to drink it.
Anyway, a so-so dinner, but fun with cronies. We had the ornament exchange and I ended up with a candle. Since I won't have my own tree, that was okay, but I could have given an ornament to El. The candle is in a silver holder and when I got home, I discovered it's badly tarnished. Obviously, Pam and Chuck, who brought it, didn't buy something new--pretty tacky and I may just toss it.
It was fun to see everybody, though. I gave Vera the ornament of the white cat tied up in lights, then recited the little verse I had written for the group. It went over well and Vera was touched. I think I'll invite her to the party--I already invited Donna, but will send invitations via e-mail.

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