Friday, December 09, 2016

More Done

Got a lot accomplished, although not walking at Kimball. I had on my mind the proposal about my acting class that Marsha from SCAN asked me to submit. I had no idea how to write a formal proposal--geez, I had most of the pertinent information in my letter and resume--but looked it up and at least approximated the proper format.
Changed the bedclothes, added a few towels, then trucked them down the path to the laundry place. Cleared up a lot of the stuff I had in the bedroom, namely pictures. I've finally decided I'll have to somehow get rid of the paintings that were my mother's. Only one is an original, of a bowl of flowers, and it's pretty, but it doesn't seem particularly necessary to keep. The other is the "dog awaiting his master's return" one, probably from the twenties. Seeing it was one of my earliest memories of the house on Rosborough Avenue, but I have so much else, it's gotta go. I put them and some others in my trunk until I decide what to do with them.
I put together a Christmas decoration for my front door. On the plain, but attractive grapevine wreath I got at the thrift store, I added a red velvet stocking with a gold "R" (bought after Christmas at BB &B last year for a song) and other decorations on it and put a little stuffed doll (also thrift store; 60 cents) in the stockings and it actually looks pretty nice.
Then I sat down to write the proposal which took several hours. I got most of it finished before my hair appointment at 3:30; hair looks pretty good--I had color and cut. Finished the proposal after dinner and will send a copy to Marsha in Long Beach. Maybe I'll e-mail her one, too--can't decide.

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