Monday, December 12, 2016

Golden Girls Luncheon

Okay, so I had covered the two cookie pans with foil and went to cut them into bars or squares only to find it was hard to do properly, as they were sticky. Put both in the fridge and went about my business. In this case, my business was putting out some Christmas decorations--the few I have, that is. Actually, the place doesn't look bad.
Doris called and we had a long talk. She's all recovered from her fainting spell (or whatever it was) and seems to have no ill effects. Then Carole called and we had a long talk, too. She's coming to the party, I'm happy to say, and that makes eight of my friends who said they are; several more still haven't responded.
Got the cookies out and had a horrendous time cutting them. That was because they again became sticky after they warmed. Incidentally, these are really delicious, just a pain to make. Also, I realized I really didn't need to make two recipes, as five dozen is only sixty and one would have done it. So I had a number left over, which I put in the freezer.
Got to China Garden just at two to greet the others. Cheryl, who lives where I used to in Colony Parc, is the organizer and it was good to see her, as well as others. Gabrielle was already there with her usual dark persona, but she did say some good things had happened lately. I saw roast duck on the dinner menu and debated whether to order it. I finally did, as I had loved Peking duck when I was in Beijing.
Unfortunately, this isn't Beijing. It came much overdone and was tough as shoe leather. However, I ate what I could--should have sent it back immediately. Peggy, who sat across from me, had ordered it, too, and said hers was the same. I mentioned it to the server, then sought out the manager and told her. She asked if I wanted something else and I settled for orange chicken to take home, which she gave me free of charge, of course. Anyway, it was annoying, but I should have known better than to order something that would have had to be cooked ahead.
Anyway, aside from that, it was fun. There were 17 of us and each had brought enough in threes, separately wrapped, so we each got 48 cookies of different kinds. I put mine in the freezer until I decide if I'll invite anyone over to eat them.
Got home about 4:30, changed, and went to Goodwill to pick up another decorative tin. El called to say her car is malfunctioning and is in the shop, so asked me to pick her up today at school. No problem, as I have nothing scheduled, just a few errands to do.

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