Saturday, December 17, 2016

SCAN And Caregivers

Met with Marsha and--I'M IN!
She said she loves my ideas about acting class for the target group of those over 55. We discussed the project for some time and agreed a start in February or March would be best; she wants to publicize it first. She introduced me to her publicity person (also out of Long Beach), Kathy, and said after Kathy writes the copy, she'd submit it to me in case I want any changes. Marsha also said their method of payment was not student to instructor, but SCAN pays directly. Fine by me, as long as it's a reasonable sum. Naturally, whether this actually flies depends on how many sign up. I told Marsha I'd withdraw if fewer than six signed up.
Talked to Kathy after, I found that her son lives in China, where he's academic director of a school, is married to a Chinese woman, and they just had her first grandchild, so we have lots in common.
I met Doris as I was leaving and she going in (for a focus group). Said I'll see her today at Bonaventure.
Home, I continued one of the projects in which I'm involved, then had lunch and changed for my meeting with Courtney, the program manager at Caregivers. This was an interview, as I decided to volunteer for the "phone friend" program. She asked the usual questions, along with some fun chatting and getting to know each other. I had to fill out a number of forms and will have to contact the sheriff's office to get fingerprinted. I'm looking forward to it in the new year. (Sloppy writing! I'm looking forward to the volunteer job, not getting fingerprinted.)
Home to change again, then went to WinCo for things to fill the larder. Boiled up some pasta and sauced it, then added meatballs from the freezer. I like to make my own and freeze them, but unfortunately, these were just store bought, but okay in a pinch.
Betty called and I invited her to stay overnight tomorrow and she will; she said Steve will drive her here, then she'll probably go up to Carolyn's.

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