Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Here and There

I was lucky in that I was able to get a load washed, dried, and folded before the rain. It wasn't heavy, just a drizzle, but I didn't want to get the stuff wet.
I was amazed to get a letter from Penney's to the effect that they were rescinding my credit card because of the mix up over my December bill. I don't care much about the credit card, but I didn't want it to lower my credit rating, which is excellent. After explaining and being on hold and so on, they capitulated and said they'd reinstate it; also, it won't tarnish my credit rating.
Heard from those in the Far East that they'd been here the last week in March--yay! Brother Jim called, but I missed it as, for some reason, he persists in calling my cell. Often, I don't even have it with me or it's in the other room and I don't hear it. Will call him today.
Went to the libary and picked up a few items (even though I haven't finished all of the last batch).
Aside from that, I did a lot of computer stuff. This afternoon, I'll meet with Council for Seniors chair and director of the county VACE, Suz M., to plan strategy; I'm a little vague about that. She e-mailed a proposed letter for the editors we're inviting to address a meeting and--gee, it's pretty lame: has some typos and is written in an awkward style. I revised it and will--gently--suggest the changes is she seems receptive.
Must close, as I have a (routine) blood test at 7:00.

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