Friday, February 03, 2017

Pictures, But Not From An Institution*

Good grief, I spent virtually the entire day on a project! A few months ago, I had bought a large frame--five feet by three feet--with 21 openings for snapshots. I decided to reserve it for only my immediate family--children, grandchildren, great-grands, and their spouses.
Trying to find and sometimes copy the right number for each and the right size and the right orientation (horizontal or vertical) was an incredible chore. In the middle of the first part of my ordeal, I realized I didn't have photo paper. Went to Office Max to get some. I picked up the least expensive 8' x 10" for $9.99, which was also two for the price of one. Foolishly, I chose a packet of smaller ones, and saw after I opened them that 1.) I already have that size and 2.) I don't know how to have my printer use the smaller ones, anyway. I had torn the damn things open, so couldn't take them back, but went to Staples to get more larger ones. I told the guy there I didn't know how to feed in the smaller ones (although that was the size I wanted) and he said he'd show me how. "What kind of printer do you have," he asked. "Hewlett Packer," I said, and he showed me how to do it.
When I got home, I saw that my printer is a Canon and I still couldn't feed in the smaller size. Rushed out to Wal-Mart, got more, then spent another several more hours putting the damn thing together. I worked on it from 9:30 to almost 5:00!
But hey, it looks really nice.
Got an e-mail from Carole to the effect that she can't go to Carpentaria today, as one of her (two) dogs is very sick and she doesn't trust her husband to take proper care of its medications. Sherry also messaged (when did that get to be a verb?) me, asking about the Bonaventure misadventure (ha!), and I filled her in.
*Couldn't resist! Pictures From An Institution was a comedic novel published in 1954 on the machinations behind the scenes of faculty and others at a large U.S. university. Fiction, but it struck a bell at Rider--faculty are a breed apart, that's a cinch.

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