Thursday, February 16, 2017

Council And The Beach

I had to force myself out of bed when the alarm rang at 6:00. It had been a long, strenuous day at the casino and I still hadn't gone over my notes for what I was presenting at the Council for Seniors. Managed to shower, wash my hair, write out some notes on my notes, and get to Silvercrest early.
The meeting went smoothly. I asked for members for the focus committee (to work on revisions to the Senior Services Strategic Plan) and got two. With councilwoman Cheryl H. and secretary Lori, plus me, that makes five and that's enough. Doris and Sherry were at the meeting and I chatted with them after.
Got home, changed (it was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm, so I put on Capris), and drove into town to the library. Took some back, picked up more, then headed to WinCo, as I had run out of a lot of groceries. After returning home (and I had to make three trips from my car to the apartment), I actually drove to the beach and sat for a time--but only about twenty minutes, as it turned much cooler and windier.
Nancy called. Unfortunately, she had read it would rain tomorrow, and she's afraid to drive in it, so our plans for lunch and a movie are probably dashed. We talked a bit and made a very tentative date for Saturday IF it doesn't rain and IF Ellen doesn't need me for something or just wants to hang out.
I e-mailed Carole to ask if she might want to go to the Black Angus for lunch with the "Lunch and a Movie" bunch from BCNN. I'll call Sue and ask her, too. Regardless, I'll probably go myself.

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