Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Drip, Drip, Drip

Rain again, which was just as well, as it suited my mood--dark and gloomy.
Why? Because of my continuing suffering at the hands of Experian Credit Bureau; I spent several hours in the morning on calling, arguing, and so on, and got nowhere. Although Experian agrees that my social security number is now correct and they rate my credit (of 805) as "exceptional," the "dispute" label is still on my page on their web site. I've filed a complaint with the U.S. government credit agency, although I'd be willing to bet that'll do me a fat lot of good.
Went to my hair appointment at noon and Amanda did a nice job, as ever. However, I was taken aback to be charge $32--plus of course, I added a 20 percent tip--which I think is ridiculously high. Possibly, I'll look around for a less expensive place.
I called Mayfair and told them to forget the coffee table--since the quote they gave me originally has expired, it's more than forty dollars higher. The hell with it, I'll get it at a furniture store here, although I was hoping to avoid paying to have it delivered. Went to Smart 'n' Final for oranges and onions; otherwise, took a drive just to get out.
Things started looking up later in the day: Nancy called and asked if I was free for lunch today at the Black Angus. I figure if I change my manicure appointment to earlier (I had made it for noon), I could do it, as my VACE meeting is at 3:30. Called Diane at Jessica Nails and she said I could come at ten today. Nancy said B.A. had a special on "golden Margaritas," and boy, that sounds good to me.

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