Saturday, February 18, 2017


RAIN! AND WIND! Lots of rain and terrific wind! Boy, if I wanted that kind of weather, I'd have stayed in Jersey.
However, I went to the BCNN lunch at the Black Angus. Sat with three other women, Ellen, Joanie, and an obnoxious bore, Patty. The latter actually founded Beach Cities Neighbors and Newcomers, and she's sure to let everybody know it. Incredibly, she acted like some kind of group leader, saying, "Now, we'll introduce each other and tell something about our backgrounds; Rosemary, you're new, so you go first." And so on.
The other two women were pretty nice and the food was good and the Black Angus has Blue Moon, so it was okay. But BCNN continues to be the least favorite of the groups I'm in. I don't mean I don't like it at all, but if I had to give just one up, that would be it.
Took an age to get home, as the school behind the apartment complex must have gotten out early and there were a slew of cars jamming the streets. Did get in, though, and stayed in the rest of the day.
Called Nancy when I got home to talk over the outing. Up in Oakview, she was having just as heavy a storm; she certainly made the right decision not to come down.

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