Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Busy Day

What a day--but a sunshiny one and that makes up for anything. Got to my 10 am manicure appointment early and Diane took me early. I chose a bright red because I thought it looked like spring and Diane did a nice job, as usual.
Home, I showered and dressed, but didn't wash my hair, hoping the shape would stay in for at least a few days. Met Nancy at the Black Angus at 12:30; we both had "golden Margaritas"--it was pineapple--but I was mildly disappointed that they weren't in traditional Margarita glasses, which I find so festive. Actually, I didn't think they were very good, anyway--weak, actually. But we enjoyed lunch and lots of good talk, of course, then parted. It was too early to go to the Strategic Plan meeting, so I went home and did this and that, then set off for the 3:30 meeting at Suze'es office.
Only it wasn't at her office. When I got there, I was told it was at City Hall, all the way in town. Suze had sent an e-mail to meet in "Room 218," not realizing I didn't know that meant City Hall. I know how to get there--it's just above the library (above, as in "beyond," and also literally above, as it's on a rise that overlooks the city). On the way, I had to detour for this and that, so I got there a half hour late for an hour-long meeting.
However, it worked out okay. I learned a bit and I met Denise Sindelar, who is manager of the Community Partnership Division of the Ventura Parks, Recreation & Community Commission (everybody around here has lo-o-ong titles). She's very sharp, savvy, and articulate person, and she greeted me as a colleague. I did manage to say a few things that didn't sound too knuckle-headed and as if I knew what was what, although I don't, but I'll learn. Also present were VACE people Cary (a very tall, slender, pretty brunette who you'd swear made her living as a model), Lori, and Hans.
Sent an e-mail to Doris and Sherry to see if they want to go to a program (public is invited) today at Cypress Point Independent Living. It's on senior scams, in which I have no interest at all, but I just like to get out.

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