Friday, February 17, 2017

Vinegar and Earrings

My tenant, Eileen, had sent me the tax assessment card and I texted her to thank her. She wrote back and I was so sorry to learn that her son, who was only 41, has died. I'm not sure, but I believe that was the only son; she has a daughter, also. I'll send her a note shortly.
Spent a fair amount of time answering and initiating e-mails, some on my acting course and some on Council for Seniors. I "subscribe," as the saying goes, to two "Hometalk" sites, which are kind of DIY things. I enjoy seeing various cute ideas here and there, although some seem more trouble than they're worth. I came across info on what wonderful natural cleaning items vinegar and baking soda are, and I determined to use them for the jobs described. Went out and bought a glass measuring cup, a scrubber, and sundry other things for these great projects. home and kind of lost interest. I know I'll do the cleaning stuff one of these days, but just wasn't in the mood.
It occurred to me weeks ago that I'm in a rut when it comes to jewelry. I have a fair amount of it, but aside from my rings (I haven't taken my wedding ring off since June 21, 1958), I tend to wear the same old things, earrings, especially. I wear silver hoop earrings so often people must think they're all I have. So I went to Kohl's and got a pretty pair of Vera Wang--kind of dangling silver leaves. Went to the mall where I rarely go, and got another pair; these are silver hoops, but bigger than I usually wear. I also couldn't resist a gold and silver bracelet, although I have a lot of bracelets--this is so pretty I had to have them. Tried on a few tops, also, but ugh, ugh, and double ugh.
Sue called to say she wouldn't go to lunch today, as a big storm is predicted and, because she and Mac live on a sailboat, she thought she'd better be home. She took Mac to the V.A. on Tuesday for more blood tests. Nothing new on his Alzheimer's.
Ellen called on her way to Santa Barbara to pick Greg up. Roz is out of the hospital and a caregiver has been hired. Hope she works out all right. Told El I'd go over to help her grade papers tomorrow. I wouldn't care if we were shoveling snow off the roof, I just like to be with her.

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