Saturday, February 25, 2017

Getting Serious

Went to T.O.P.S. and ouch, I gained either four or six pounds, I didn't want to check. Could that possibly be because I've been eating any old thing I want, including ice cream, beer, and so on? Oh, hell, no.
However, I was pleased when all the regulars greeted me warmly and asked where I'd been the last two sessions. I do like this group--maybe because I see them only once a week--and I'll continue to go to the meetings. In addition, I resolve here and now to get serious about losing. Incidentally, our leader, Lolly, always asks those in the group to mention any challenges they have. I said the area under my--well the upper part of my anatomy that used to be perky--gets itchy and a little sore. Others recommended Gold Bond Medicated Power, which I did later and it works fine.
Nothing tempts me to eat more than staying in, especially if I'm sitting most of the time. Therefore, I determined I'd stay out most of the day. I didn't have breakfast until 10:00 and after, I went out to WinCo for salad fixings, then to Wal-Mart for the powder and stuff. Made my salad for lunch, adding some chicken I had in the fridge, then resisted the temptation to have anything else, and drove to town. I parked on Thompson Avenue, then walked to three stores and picked up some plant holders, plus a pretty flowering kale (not the edible kind). By the time I got home, it was close to 5:00 and I was pleased at that.
Betty called and so did Courtney at Caregivers. Finally, my fingerprint report came in (guess I'm not a escaped felon) and George, who also works there, called to ask if he could come to my apartment on Tuesday so I can fill out papers they need. Geesh, this is telephone-calling for which I volunteered because I think it will be interesting; you'd think it was directorship or something. I was a little surprised that he wants to come to my place, but I think it's so they can be sure you don't live in a rat-infested slum or something--don't know for sure.
Speaking of volunteering, I also offered myself to participate in some Alzheimer's clinical trials. Somebody from there called me yesterday, too. Unfortunately, of those listed, the closest is in L.A. and I won't drive there. However, according to the web site, there are three in which participants don't have to go to a site; it's on-line, I guess, and I'll contact those to see if it's feasible for me.

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