Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Soup and Succulents

Early on, I decided to look up an old Weight Watchers recipe called "dump soup." It's just five cans of veggies and minestrone you heat up and actually, it's not bad, plus only 200 calories for a good-sized bowl. Went to WinCo to get the ingredients and made it for lunch. With that and salad, it was tasty.
George from Caregivers got back to me and he'll come over for me to sign the papers (to be a volunteer, for pity's sake!) today at 12:30. I'll go to the BCNN breakfast first; that should be over about 11:00.
Met "the girls" at 2:00 at the movie--Doris and Sherry, plus Carole and her friend, Peggy, whom I've met before. We saw Arrival, which wasn't bad. On the other hand, it wasn't exactly good, either--it mixed a number of genres, including aliens, pathos, and "woman as some kind of genius and she's very pretty, to boot," which I find particularly annoying. However, Marie Curie was attractive...
We got out a bit before 5:00 and I immediately drove to the library. I had gotten Stephen King's Mr. Sleep (it's quite an oldie) audio out, but I didn't care for the reader's style and somehow, King seems better to me on the page than in the player. Got Shakespeare, by Bill Bryson (one of my favorites), instead. I had read the book, but it's been a while and it was fascinating, plus Bryson reads it himself and he's my kinda guy.
I made up a little "name rhyme" for Sharon; I'll include it in the card when I give her the succulent plant on Friday.
Had chicken and string beans for dinner--I've resolved to skip red meat, at least for a time, and eat only chicken and sea food.


iloveac said...

Cutting back on red meat is good, remember however, you must get your Iron somewhere else.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Pat. I'm going to look up how to do that with veggies.