Saturday, March 25, 2017

Getting Ready

Went to T.O.P.S. and found I lost another two pounds. We had the usual discussions and I was pleased to see Bobbi was there after a hiatus of about six weeks. She had been in the hospital with pneumonia and still seems tired and draggy. She got the "biggest loser" prize for five pounds, but as she remarked, nobody wants to lose it that way.
Spent the early part of the day cleaning and did the whole place in the time it would have taken me one room at my house. Leaving for my hair appointment, I met Suzanne coming in and sat down to chat with her for a bit. Her sister's coming to visit tomorrow.
Got to Penney's and Amanda. After thinking about it and going back and forth, I decided to just have the color done and wait for a cut. She did a nice job, as usual, but I still dislike sitting for so long--anybody who knows me knows I'm easily bored.
Got out about 3:15 and went directly to WinCo to pick up a few things for when my company's here. After that, I dropped off a book at the library, then went home to prepare some of the veggies and fruit I bought. Cut up about two pounds of Brussels sprouts, chopped some onions and celery, and added seasonings. I may just freeze that, as I'm not sure where we'll be eating in the coming week.
Ellen called and asked if I'd sweep her patio. Sure, no prob, and I bought strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries, so I put them together for a fruit salad I took over to her place. Swept the patio while she cleaned upstairs and was home just a bit after 6:00.
Now it's 5:13 am, I just got up, and before long, I'll see my boy, his girl, and the fabulous Mr. K.--YAY!

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