Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Partial Catch-Up

Just a quick overview:
Saturday, the day they came in, included a long walk, lots of laughter, and not a little jet lag, of course. Sunday was slightly less hectic, but great fun. We all went to the beach and Mr. K. dug in the sand and rushed around the slides, climber things, and so on, like a little whirlwind. He chatters constantly, laughs and smiles all the time, and is vastly interested in just about everything. He's such a bright little boy: He looked at El's digital clock and correctly said it was "two thirty eight, "although English isn't his first language. Remarkably, he can tell what day of the week some special occasion happened in his life, and knows all his colors, as well as grasping some math concepts Ellen tells us can be for hard for her third-graders. His Tokyo train and rail knowledge is just phenomenal--and this little boy is three and a half!
After the beach, we all went back to El's and had lunch,then walked up to the "ding-ding," that is, the railroad crossing to discuss that. After, I went to the supermarket, then they all came back to my place for dinner. I wish El didn't have to to back to work today, but she does...
Dot, dot, dot.... Here it is, Wednesday morning, and we've been so busy, I haven't had time to come back to this. I'm not even going to attempt to mention everything we've been doing, let alone put it in chronological order, but here are some highlights:
In turns, Ellen, Greg, and I hosted dinner for all seven. It was a fairly tight squeeze in my little place, but much fun. We went into town, to various stores, and took what seemed considerably long walks to me, but are routine to these less sedentary humans. Went to various playgrounds so Mr. K. could work off some of his prodigious energy. We went to the train station and waited until one of the few trains (I think we were told four to seven) trains came in; in Tokyo, there are several hundred a day. Ellen had to resume work on Monday, but we've been together in the evenings. Last night, we got Mexican at Cabo Beach, one of El's favorites. I asked her to order for me and we both had a delicious tostada; must remember that for when the widder group resumes at Yolanda's. By car, we went to town, to the mall, and to various places for lunch. Yesterday, the little prince suggested we eat at the picnic tables on my complex here. We did, bringing out various leftovers and it was a fine idea.
This is probably pretty incoherent, but I just have no time for more, except to say I'm having a wonderful time with my family near and far--how did I get so lucky?

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