Thursday, March 16, 2017

VCS and Furniture

Went to the Ventura Council for Seniors meeting at 9:30 and it was reasonably interesting. I met Suz outside, as we were both early, and told her I'd like to meet with her privately this afternoon. I want to talk to her about getting some direction for my duties as vice chair. Also, she wants me to get on one of the county commissions and I'm interested, but need to know more about it.
Got home, changed, had lunch, and shortly thereafter, Handyman Hugh called. I had to go out to let him through the gate and then direct him to a visitor's parking place--the usual pain. Anyway, he first put the new kitchen table together and I'm delighted! I was afraid the color wouldn't match my chairs, but it's perfect: both are honey oak and even the styles, although they're not the same (Swedish modern and--I think--early American) go beautifully together. He then assembled the large and heavy coffee table--it's gorgeous! He hung several pictures for me, doing a great job, and even fixed my vertical blind.
I was charmed by the fact that Hugh quoted scripture now and again to illustrate whatever point he was making. I'm just delighted with everything he did--and to top it off, his charge was very reasonable. I wrote in a recommendation to Nextdoor Regatta (a kind of Internet neighborhood hot line), titling it "A Rave Review for Handyman Hugh!"
Hugh was here until after 4:00. When he left, I vacuumed (there were some little bits of Styrofoam on the floor) and rearranged a few things. I then drove to the beach and sat for about ten minutes before the very brisk wind made me leave. It was such a thrill to come home to my spiffy new living/dining room!


iloveac said...

Post photos please. So glad Hugh worked out so well.

Mimi said...

I'll try for the pics, Pat; not sure if I can do it.