Tuesday, March 07, 2017

VCS Focus Group Meeting

As I have a habit of whining now and then: "I don't know why I'm not skinny as a rail!" That's because I've been running around so much and yesterday was no exception.
I needed olive oil and paper towels, so went to several stores in the morning. I also realized I was out of Romaine, so drove to Smart 'n' Final for it and a few other items. Stopped at Target to take back the drapery rod I had bought the other day. Made a big salad when I got home and had that and chicken for lunch.
Washed and dressed and got to Suze'es office for the 2:00 focus group meeting for the Ventura Strategic Plan for Seniors. There were only four of us: Suze and Lori, the regulars who actually have paying jobs there (Suz is the director of aging), Debra Mansfield, who owns the Lynd Counseling Group, and me. Marilyn Peake, the other member, wasn't able to attend; at the last minute, there was a family emergency and she had to drive her parents to LAX.
The meeting--as lots of these things tend to do--more or less meandered all over the place. Debra became very vocal about nursing homes; it seems both here parents were in one and there were problems. She made a rather impassioned speech for better assistance for seniors--.
Hmm...that really had nothing to do with the project at hand, which was to look over the current Strategic Plan for Seniors. We did go over it and discussed, but since an outside consultant is going to be hired, I frankly am not sure why we met. I learned something interesting, though: When we were finished, I mentioned my frustration over Cemetery Park, which seems to be taken over by unleashed dogs. Suze has remarkable knowledge of seemingly EVERY aspect of Ventura and the park is no exception. She told me it indeed had been a cemetery and 1900 people are buried there. All the monuments have been removed, however, and benches put in.
Anyway, the meeting did keep me out of the apartment for several hours. After, I drove directly to the park and yes, same old thing. I actually took a few pictures of the crowd--of people and dogs--although what good that will do, I don't know.

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