Thursday, March 09, 2017

Doc And Table

Had an 8:30 doctor's appointment, just routine. All seems well, although the doc says I'm pre-diabetic. I hope that will fade as I lose weight. You always have to get weighed immediately after you walk into the inner sanctum and I saw I had lost another pound or so. Of course, I have no idea whether the T.O.P.S. scale will reflect that tomorrow.
I went right from there to the Goodwill, as it was a 50 % off day. Got six saucers for under plants, plus a nice, large, round wall clock that looks antique, but isn't. Total cost for all: five bucks.
I had eaten breakfast early for me. Although I get up between 6 and 7, I like to defer it until 8:30, at least. Eating earlier, I get hungry for lunch too early. However, I distracted myself by calling one of my "ladies on the list"--Karen, the one who's six years younger than I am--and we enjoyed talking to each other.
My dear brother, Larry, called to say he had bought a new car and in clearing out his old one, had come across a box of letters I had sent him when I moved. These are to my husband, Pat, and are sixty or more years old. Larry and I talked for some time. I asked after his Helen, and found his answer concerning. He said Helen doesn't go out--at all--and sleeps most of the day. This is a drastic change from her busy, bustling way of life of a few years ago. She doesn't complain (she never did), but sleeping all the time isn't normal. She does have a heart condition and is under a doctor's care. Also, their son-in-law is a physician and four of their daughters are R.N.s, so I guess they have it covered.
Had lunch of my usual big salad; also defrosted some of the curried lentil stew I had made and frozen the other day. After that, mindful of my determination to get out, I drove to the library, then to Poli Park. Even though, yes, there were loose dogs, I took my chair out of the trunk and sat for a time enjoying the gorgeous ocean/Channel Islands view. After that, I went to the beach and just gazed for a bit, but it was getting a bit chilly, so I left.
When I got home, my coffee table was at my door! Wow, it looks gigantic, at least in the box and I don't know how I'll get it put together. I guess I'll have to open it before I see if I'll have to hire someone.

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