Sunday, March 12, 2017

Around and About

Got the names and numbers of three handymen via recommendations from neighbors on Nextdoor Regatta. Talked to one and left a message for another. The one I spoke to seemed very nice; said the charge was fifty an hour (for two people), with a minimum of two hours. I'll go for that, but will wait for the other to call.
Went to Sheena's, the Irish woman who's lending us the car seat. She absolutely refused to take anything for it; I'll give her a little gift card or something when I bring it back.
Before I even got home, it occurred to me that it would be good to have two car seats, as we'd be using both Ellen's and my cars. I remembered another nice person who responded about the car seat; she's located in Window Wizards. I drove there and it turns out she and her husband own the window store. She said her granddaughter had outgrown the car seat and she told me not to bring it back, but to give it to someone who can use it. She also refused to take anything but my thanks.
Went home for lunch, then to the library. I took back Bill Bryson's CD on Shakespeare and took out his CD on returning to America after twenty years in the U.K. He's one of my favorites. Betty had left a message on the cell when I came out of the library (I often leave my phone in the car) and I drove to the park across from the mission to call her back. How nice to be talking while hearing the fountain and seeing people strolling in the glorious sunshine.
I try to stay out at least until 5:00 nowadays and I don't have dinner until 6:00, so I went to Smart 'n' Final for shrimp and a cucumber. Now I want to work on borrowing or renting a stroller for Mr. K.

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