Sunday, March 19, 2017

Clothes and CHIP

I used to avoid doing wash on weekends, thinking of working people had only days. However, that seems to be no problem--or else everybody stays dirty; I did a load yesterday and only one other machine was in use.
Carole and Doris had told me the library was having their book sale at Vons from 9 to noon, so I went over there after I finished the clothes. I asked for them, but they had left; I'll be seeing them on Tuesday when we have a movie date, anyway. I bought four books, which I may never get around to reading, as I have an overabundance of reading material as it is.
Later went to Smart 'n' Final for my new addiction: fresh spinach. I bought a 40 ounce bag, took it home and boiled up, put the yummy dressing on and had it with the rest of the poke for lunch.
El called to ask if I'd bring the car seats over so she could install them and I said I would at 3:00, which I did. She tried (while I watched) and seems to have gotten one into her car, but it may not be properly installed. She said some fire departments will do it, but when she called, she was told they don't here, but the California Highway Patrol (CHIP) does; she called there, but they weren't open. (Presumably, they respond to 911, though.) I said I'd take my car to them tomorrow and find out how late they're open to see if Ellen can get hers checked.
Left about 4:00 and immediately put the chicken thighs I had bought in the oven. (I much prefer dark meat to white, which always seems tough and relatively tasteless to me.) I always roast with the skin on, then remove it when I eat; much more flavorful that way, and I'm not concerned with the fat at all.

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