Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Manchester By The Sea

It rained the entire day, annoyingly enough, but I went to the movies with Doris and Carole (for a time; see later). It was "Tuesday dollar day" at the Regency and even though we can afford to pay the usual, there's a kind of satisfaction in getting such a bargain.
We saw Manchester By The Sea and, boy, it blew me away. I hadn't realized the star, Casey Affleck, had won Best Actor and wasn't even aware of the movie. In fact, I was hardly aware of Casey Affleck. Because I never watch what passes for news--that's "news"--on T.V. and because I don't go to many movies, I often remain ignorant of things about which most people are savvy.
Anyway, this is just a terrific movie; I laughed and cried--mostly cried--along with Doris, although she had seen it before. As for Carole, after one of the tears-invoking scenes early on, she got up, excused herself, and left. I thought she was going to the restroom, but Doris explained that Carole can't stand sad movies. Interesting and too bad that she missed truly good acting, but knowing Carole's background, I understood.
After, we sat in Doris' car and I showed her disks with the interviews Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. conducted with Jackie Kennedy in 1964. I explained why I wouldn't want to see Jackie, the movie and I think she understood without having her feelings hurt. I hope so, as I like Doris, who has had some hard things to deal with, including her husband's suicide at 42.
Didn't get home until after 4:00 and went out immediately to get ground turkey, so I could vary my chicken/seafood regime a bit. I cut up onions and peppers, added garlic and mushrooms, then stir-fried and had that for dinner. Tasted great.
I hope, hope, hope the rain doesn't continue today, as I think it's the day of Ellen's class field trip. We'll see.

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