Saturday, March 11, 2017

T.O.P.S. And Tables

Went to T.O.P.S. and lost another two pounds. I'm satisfied with that; if I lose two a week, that will be good.
Didn't have breakfast until after 10, then made some phone calls, including to two of my Caregiver Phone Friends. Mary, the blind one, told me about the lunch excursion on which her friends took her and Coreen mentioned her birthday is next Wednesday. She'll be 90.
Zipped over to Staples and got a three-hole-punch. I had had one for years, but scuttled it when I left Jersey. I do like to keep "official" stuff in loose leaf books, and I made one up for Council for Seniors, so needed the punch.
I had just a salad for lunch, with a hard-boiled egg for protein, then had to rush to get to Dr. Woodling's 1:30 lecture at The Townehouse. Doris had said she wasn't going, but Sherry was there and I sat with her. As usual, Woodling was equal parts fairly interesting and totally boring; his talk yesterday was on Medicare.
Went from there directly to my tax accountant, Michelle's. She lives right across from Cemetery Park, where I have the dog problem. However, I think I'll just drop the whole complaint thing--the hell with it. Gave Michelle my information and some documents and she'll be in touch. Got gas after and didn't get home until well after 4:00. When I walked in, I found in the middle of the living room, my new kitchen table in a huge box. It's right next to the big box with the new coffee table in it; now I'll look for somebody to put them together. Called Ellen and left a message asking for the number of her handyman. Called Jim in the office to thank him for putting it in and he told me the wrong apartment number was on it--103, which was my number in Colony Park--geez, everything's a hassle! I called Wayfair and had them change it.

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