Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Lunch and Lots O' Dogs

I busied myself with chores in the morning, then showered, washed my hair, and dressed for the widder lunch. I waited a bit before I went, as I didn't want to get there at noon and order lunch. My plan is to avoid eating out, especially at a place like Marie Callender's. (Since I won't eat sugar or fried or processed foods, there's not much, if anything, for me to eat there.) So-o-o, I purposely got there late--about 12:45, had one glass of Chardonnay, and enjoyed chatting with my friends; I didn't miss eating at all.
Went to WinCo after and by the time I got home, it was 2:30. Had a large salad with chicken for lunch, which was fine and really, all I wanted. Drove to town after that, to the library and on the way home, noted that Poli Park (it's real name is Cemetery Park, I don't quite know why), which has a breath-taking view of the ocean and Channel Islands, was again teeming with unleashed dogs. I parked on the street and observed for a few minutes; I counted four large animals, along with three or four smaller ones, all racing around the park. As I watched, another man drove up, jumped out of his car, released a large dog to join his pals. Cute, right? Oh, yeah, cute like Cujo.
Damn! I had called Animal Control before about this, which was like whistling into the wind, and I called again. I was told they "patrol" the parks--really? Once a month at midnight, or what? Think I'll mention this to Suz at the VCS meeting today and see what can be done.

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