Saturday, March 18, 2017

T.O.P.S. and Tuna

Went to T.O.P.S. and was the biggest loser again with three more pounds off. We learned that Lolly, our leader, has to relinquish to office because she had been doing it for ten years or so. So silly that there are term limits, as it's voluntary and doesn't seem the entail much. After, a few people asked me to take over, but I don't know if I want to bother. We'll see.
After the usual late breakfast--it was almost 11:00 when I finished--I did a fair amount of computer stuff and by the time I finished, it was 1:00 and I had lunch. Went to Quest to make an appointment for June and was told I had to call, instead. Drove into town to the library, forgetting it was St. Patrick's Day. The parking lot was completely filled, most likely with lunch-goers to Dargan's, the only Irish restaurant in the area, to my knowledge. I like the place myself, but of course, it was jammed yesterday. On the way home, I stopped at Cemetery Park and sat and read my book for awhile.
I decided to drive to the branch location in East Ventura, and did. I actually forgot just how to get there, so it took me some time wandering in the area, but I finally found it. However, it was closed--not sure why, as it was Friday--I just dropped off the book I had finished.
On the way home, I stopped at Goodwill and found a black leather chair I immediately snapped up. It's not an easy chair, but more like a slender occasional chair and it fits perfectly next to the front door. Looks great and I'm so glad I found it. Cost? Marked down to $3.00. The reason it was so cheap is because it's missing three of the four covered buttons forming its tufts. I think I can find replacements at a fabric shop; otherwise, I'll just re-donate it.
Stopped at Vons and got poke, a Hawaiian staple, consisting of raw tuna with a few seeds and spices. It's eaten cold and I like it a lot; there seems to be a sudden interest in it around here lately.

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