Friday, March 03, 2017

"Phone Friends"

Because I hadn't had much sleep, I lay down on the couch after breakfast. I had just dropped off when Nancy called. She asked if I was available for a movie today, and of course, I said yes.
I called the other two woman on my "Caregiver Phone Friend" list and first talked to Mary A., who's 83. She's blind as the result of oracular degeneration and enjoys audio books. I told her I do, too, and listen to them in the car. We had a nice chat--I was interested to hear she has lived at Silvercrest for eleven years. I've been there often, because I'm in Council For Seniors and we alternate monthly meeting there. I said I'll call her again on Monday.
I lay down again after lunch and this time, slept about an hour and a half. Got up to drive to the library and met Don, to whom Suzanne has introduced me. We had a long talk--I think he's lonely--and I gave him some oranges.
I finally bite the bullet and ordered a coffee table and kitchen table from Wayfair. Since it came to over five hundred and I opened a charge account (but I'll pay it all off immediately to avoid interest), I got the forty bucks off, but that's good. Experian, those highway robbers, send my new credit rating and it's now up to 812--and those highway robbers were denying me credit--AAGH!
Went to the library and got this and that. Home, I called the third and final phone friend on the list, Coreen, who's 89, but seems plenty sharp. She's an artist--can't wait to ask her about that--and had worked in interior design. We didn't talk long, as she had company, so I'll call her again today.
Nancy called and we decided on seeing Lion, in town. After, we'll go to Dargan's happy hour for a drink; conveniently, it's right next door.
I started delving into my income tax stuff--ugh--and partially separated it. I'll get in touch with Michelle, my accountant, soon to get it done.
I'm off to T.O.P.S. shortly--hope it's a loss!


iloveac said...

I LOL'd when you wrote....he's lonely.....I gave him oranges.

I think it's great you are calling these folks. They have a similar program here, and like yours, it requires big time background checks. I think this program requires calls being made from their office. I didn't want to commit to going to their office 4 hrs/wk. Still, a great program for the homebound.

I wonder if your first callee has macular degeneration? It can lead to blindness....but there are two (dry) is not so bad. The bad kind is the 'wet' kind, but it is treatable.

Mimi said...

Pat, it IS macular degeneration. I had left out a letter and the idiotic Spellcheck came up only with "ocular." I clicked on it, then realized, then forgot to go back and change it. You're a better proofreader!

I doubt if I'd do the "phone friend" thing if I had to go to a certain office to do it--seems silly.

Mary does have the wet kind, but treatments for it failed.