Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This, That, and Tax

Got quite a bit done. Spent time cleaning--which never takes long--and rearranging the bookcase in my bedroom. Heard back from "Hugh the Handyman," who will come tomorrow. Also heard from my tax gal, Michelle, that I needed to provide some other documents. Sent them to her electronically, so I hope they're what she was missing.
I decided to respond to Experian, with which I'm having a dispute about my credit report, even though it's seems to have been resolved. Considering the damn company itself called my rating "exceptional," they have a lotta nerve. I did other bookkeeping-like stuff, too.
After lunch, I decided to clear my head by going to the beach. It was warm and sunny, as it has been, and I drove toward my usual place so I could sit and listen to the ocean and soak up the sun--but no-o-o-: Just as happens to Absecon Island, inland was sunny, but the beach area was covered with a layer of fog. I sat for a half hour or so, anyway, even though it was chilly, and I enjoyed it. It's always so hard to believe the northeast is having a blizzard while I'm wearing shorts.
For dinner, I sauteed (in coconut oil) onion, peppers, and mushrooms--forgot the garlic--and added shrimp; along with half a spaghetti squash, it was a yummy dinner.
Just opened my e-mail and found that Michelle has completed my tax return. I'm getting something back from the great state of California and a nice piece of change from the U.S. of A. I'm so humbly grateful...ha!

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