Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Swiffering And The Fog

With DST, I'm getting up at 7:30, a little later than I like, but okay.
Went to WinCo on a quest for seafood and spent a lot of time mulling over whether to get more shrimp or not. Not. What about salmon or other fish I don't eat often and have never made myself, such as cod and talipia? No to them, too, so I didn't get any. I do have another nice tuna steak in the freezer and I'll go to another store for fresh fish.
Preparing for Handyman Hugh's visit this afternoon, I moved the table and chairs, cleared the bathroom, and swiffered--first dry, then wet--all the hard floors. They're nice and clean, but I still want to find out how to give them a shine.
Got an e-mail from Sue to the effect that she got a smartphone, but now must learn how to use it. I sent back congrats.
I finished my indignant letter to Experian and took that and a forward to Mike to the P.O. After, I drove to the beach.
Wow. You couldn't see the ocean at all, let alone the mountainous area all along the shore, which is usually very evident. The fog hid all of it, but it was mysteriously alluring and I sat down on a log. I stayed almost an hour and, while I was there, the fog slowly lifted and everything reappeared. It was so nice to see--I love to go down there and when precious little Mr. K. is here, I'll take him and his parents.


iloveac said...

I've been afraid to use anything wet on my hardwood floors. I can't get a straight answer....the guy who installed them said to leave them alone. Like you, I want more shine. They cost too much money for me to mess them up. Maybe you'll get some good info.

Mimi said...

Pat, I'm sure yours are high-end and mine are...well, just remember this is small and modest apartment. This is leading up to the fact that I was told my hard floors are actually vinyl, so not nearly as good as yours. However, I had hardwood floors on Sweetwater (you visited there) from the foyer through the hall. I had a clearing service then and they dry mopped first, then used a product made for hardwood floors. It seemed to work fine, but maybe you should look on the Internet to make sure its okay. If I remember correctly, it allowed a shine, but not an extreme one.