Thursday, March 30, 2017


And the pace goes on: Yesterday morning, we went to the beach. It was pretty cool and breezy--make that windy--but Mr. K. got some sand play in. After, we drove into town to the Ventura Information (Chamber of Commerce) place, where N. looked for a gift for her mother. Then lunch at my place and the pool and hot tub. I wore my bathing suit, but the first was too cool for me, the second too hot. However, the Tokyo Trio had a fine time in both bodies of water. I texted Ellen to tell her about it and suggested dinner at my place, but she sent back a message that Greg had volunteered to make dinner. Fine by me and I put the chicken and lentil stew back in the fridge.
Home, we all changed back into street clothes, had a sketchy lunch, then took off for El's. She got home about 5:30 and Greg cooked up a delicious linguine with very tasty dressing, cherry tomatoes, and various sides.
Mr. K. was taken upstairs for a bath and bed--he had been up for some time the night before, still jet-lagged, poor little guy--and his parents were surely ready for bed themselves. Anyway, a busy Wednesday and today, probably more of the same.
As for the weight thing: hmm.... When I got home last night, I succumbed to an action I hadn't for many weeks: watching T.V. and over-indulging with this and that. I'm going to get weighed in tomorrow and I'm quite sure I've gained, regardless of activity, but I'll see, then go back to my regime as before.

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