Sunday, March 05, 2017

Lentils And More

This and that, here and there day. I found a neat site with healthy recipes and chose two dishes that looked yummy--curried lentils and boiled spinach. I went to three different supermarkets looking for orange lentils, but just as they never heard of pumpernickel, orange lentils is--are--from outer space to west coast philistines. I finally bought the ugly old gray ones.
The boiled spinach may sound like something out of the Dreary Day Orphanage, but it's very good: fresh spinach boiled quickly and dressed with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. Along with a bowl of my dump soup, I had half for lunch.
The lentil was more problematic, as it includes lots of other veggies, including kale. The instructions were to cook it on the stove, adding things at various times. However, I didn't start until I got home at 3:30 and I didn't feel like getting fancy, so just put it all (except the cilantro, which goes in later) in the slow cooker.
In between my culinary chores, I drove to town, thinking I'd go to the library and maybe a few stores. Ha! It was a gorgeous day and a Saturday, so the place was jammed. I didn't even park, just drove there and back.
Stopped at My Favorite Store (inside joke) and picked up another little book for Mr. K., plus some candle holders I need like another ten pounds. Then, wonder of wonders, I found a brand new, cast iron, preseasoned iron skillet, still in its packaging, $4.99. Thanks to my friend, Pat, I've been alerted that I need iron, and I think this is one way to get some.
Called El to hear that her new dishwasher has been installed. She'll also get a water softener (or a service for it), as we have very hard water here. I'm lucky in that where I live has a water softener. At Colony Parc, my tableware always had hard water spots.

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