Friday, March 10, 2017


When I realized yesterday was my only one free all week, I determined to buckle down and get some crapola out of the way. Made a list and accomplished this much:
--Gathered and categorized my income tax receipts, called my accountant, and will drop the stuff off today. This took me virtually the whole morning.
--Partially unpacked the coffee table and got some of the the cardboard corners to the trash. This isn't as easy as it sounds, as the outer packing is so thick and heavy, it's more like wood than cardboard. The table's still in the main package.
--Did a wash with the usual back and forth.
--Made applesauce in the slow cooker. This is a tedious job, what with coring, paring, and slicing six large apples, but it's just wonderful to come home and smell that marvelous aroma. I don't allow myself sugar during my present regime, so I don't add any to this, but it's sweet enough with just a little lemon juice and cinnamon.
--Prepared a large spaghetti squash I had. (After I buy spaghetti squash, I often think I don't like it that much, so why do I...?)
--Drove to WinCo for various.
--Went to Vons for Tracfone minutes.
--Took a dry run to my accountant, Michelle's, new apartment--easy peasy.
--Sat on the beach for about a half hour, just gazing at the beautiful Pacific. (This wasn't on my list, but I slipped it in.)
--Made up the "exercise sheet" for T.O.P.S., which I had volunteered to do.
The things on the list I didn't get done, but will shortly, are a number of phone calls and following up with Marsha at SCAN re my acting class.
Anyway, it was a gorgeous day--probably 75 at least--and I'm glad to have put a lot of this stuff to bed.

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