Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lots Going On

Gathered up the clothes, including bed clothes, and took them to the laundry place--back and forth, forth and back, but they were finished by 10:00. I was working on aspects of "Acting for Amateurs" when I was disconcerted to get a phone call from Debra Mansfield, asking when I would call the next meeting for revision of the Senior Services Strategic Plan.
Damn! I had actually forgotten all about that thing and wish I had never accepted the "leadership role" (as Suze called it). I told Debra I'd talk to Suze, whom I called and left a message. I've really lost any interest I ever had in it, as it seems an exercise in futility and is real work, but a volunteer thing. Selfish pig that I am, I want to get paid if I'm doing actual work. This morning, I'm due at our big "Meet the Press" shindig for the Ventura Council for Seniors, which includes lunch, and I'm going to corner Suze after that.
Grumpily, I went to SCAN to check out how many sign-ups I have. There were eleven, including two men. I prefer an even number, and I got that (see later). When I walked into SCAN, I was pleased to see Margaret, who had been the nutritionist there, and was very pleased to discover she signed up for my course. Marsha Meyer, the "big boss," I guess (director of health and wellness, from Long Beach) was there, too, along with some other SCAN people. I think they were having a intro party for the new director, Tony Somebody. I got a copy of my sign-up sheet from Marsha, then went to WinCo for paper towels and stuff.
The rest of the time until lunch I spent organizing some of the material I'll include in the course. I also wrote a few new skits and revised some playlets, incorporating male roles into them. After that, I had had enough and took off for the mall. Tried on a few unmentionables--uh, undergarments--uh, brassieres--okay, bras, but nothing seemed to fit right and I decided to wait until I can get into the next size. Stopped at Wal-Mart for lens cleaners and took my blood pressure there. It's 102/71 and my pulse is 78. I was told that was good, but I hope it isn't too low.
I then bravely pulled onto 101 and drove to Oxnard--ta-dah! At Whole Foods, Greg and I greeted each other with a hug and had a nice chat. He's such a neat guy, even if he--like all men, it seems to me--has some little peccadillos that may be exasperating.
Didn't get home until a bit after 4:00, which is how I like it. Called Sue just to see how she was doing and found she had signed up for my course right after I had been at SCAN. Great--that makes twelve and I fervently hope no more sign up. In fact, I think I'll stop there today and see about closing the course and making up a waiting list.

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