Thursday, April 13, 2017

Laundry And A Leak

Well, I tied on my Suzy Homemaker apron again and here's what I accomplished: stripped the bed, remade it, and took the sheets to the laundry place. Vacuumed the carpets, emptied the trash, then used the new Bona system to first, dry (dust) the hard floors, then spray on cleaner and polish. They look good--they aren't shiny, but have a slight sheen, and it cleaned up spots and so on very well.
I texted Ellen to the effect I've had second thoughts about the protest Saturday (Trump's taxes) and thought it would be interesting to go. Since I'm more or less a socialist cum anarchist, (notice how I equivocate), I'm not enthusiastic about the value of such things. However, I think it will be interesting to observe, or even to participate. So we'll go and I'll see what's what, plus enjoy dinner at niece Carolyn's.
Went out after lunch. Parked in town and walked to several stores. I came across a newly-opened plant place called "A Smart Garden," walked in and talked to the owner. She has some wonderful succulents, my new faves, as well as flowering plants. Nice place.
Home about 4:00 and I met Suzanne just going out to the dentist. She asked if I'd be home in about an hour, as she wanted to stop in and give me something. I was, she did (info on Heritage Square in Oxnard), and we had a nice chat.
Sat down for my hour of television after dinner and all was serene--until I got up to put my bowl in the dishwasher. There was a considerable amount of water on the floor and more under the sink. I called Ventura Del Sol's emergency number, got manager Patti, and she and her husband, Larry, came over immediately. They looked under and it seems the garbage disposal is the culprit. Patti brought towels to sop up the water, and two basins to catch any continuing drip; by the time they left, it had stopped. She said she'd have Javier, the maintenance guy, to come over and fix it first thing.
That seemed to be that, except as I was about to go to bed, I noticed the water had made its way to the other side of the cabinet--damn! It was under the covered bench my Uncle Frank had made, which is very precious to me. I managed to slide it over to get some of the water underneath, but will have to take everything out (I have LOTS of pictures, albums, and other ephemeral in it) and make sure it isn't going to ruin the bottom.

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