Monday, April 10, 2017

Perking Up And Grandma Moses

Saturday was a little pokey, but on Sunday, things perked up. Did the usual morning activities, then showered and dressed to go to the Friends of the Library Open House. I thought Carole and Doris would be there, they weren't. The "open house" consisted just of one woman at a table with various giveaways. They did have a cute novelty: They had sheets of paper printed with "I love the Ventura Library because..." and then you filled your reasons in. They asked that we take a picture and post it on social media. I agreed, and the "friend" at the desk took my picture and said she'd e-mail it to me. (She did, and I put it on Facebook.) We were chatting after and, as conversations do, we wandered into our ancestries.
At this point, a man sitting at a table nearby piped up and started telling us about his ethnic background. It seems his grandfather was Jewish--in thirties Germany--and changed his name to "Richdt" or maybe "Ridcht"; the man said his own first name was Timothy. Why is this of any interest at all? Because something happened to the grandfather, I guess in this country, and Timothy said his father was raised by his maternal grandmother--who was the painter of American primitives, Grandma Moses! I don't know if I believe this or not, but I looked her up--so far, I haven't been able to find this out.
Incidentally, when we were about to leave, an Asian woman came up, Timothy's partner. I greet this woman when I go to the library, as she and Timothy are there every day and seem to stay all day. I assumed they were homeless, although I don't know that for sure; they really don't look that scruffy and, pretty clearly, are intelligent. Hmm..interesting...
I went from there and parked on Thompson Street, as I often do, then got my walking in by browsing three thrift stores. I didn't buy anything (usually, I don't), although I'm thinking about a pair of kitchen chairs that would go great with my four Swedish moderns. Not sure if I want to spend the money or not.
Stopped at WinCo, but didn't like their fish, so then to Sprouts for rock fish. However, they had no more--the fish man said it came in on Tuesdays, so I'll stop back tomorrow. Got some swordfish instead and it was very good.
Home about 4:00 and, realizing I had had only a very small salad for lunch, I finished up the left over squash, then waited for 6:00 to have dinner. Ellen called to ask if I wanted to look at a house in Ojai aftrr we leave my car off. Sure, and maybe Gregg will come, too.

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