Saturday, April 15, 2017

Busy And Enjoyable

Went to T.O.P.S. and saw a sign to the effect that, indeed, director Lety had resigned. Darn--I liked her. Not sure what happened, but my years in human resources tell me there's a back story here.
I asked Brenda in the office how many sign-ups I have for my course and it's up to ten. Gee, ten is really what I prefer for a whole class and there are two weeks to go for sign-ups. If it gets to twenty, I'd be willing to have two classes, but naturally, would expect to be paid for the second one. Otherwise, I'll just have to devise an appropriate agenda for a large class.
It turned out I lost a pound and a half, so I'm close to the next "decade." I started in the hundred and eighties, am now 172, and hope I'll make it to the sixties next time. The meeting dragged on with a complicated explanation of the "food exchange" thing, which I wouldn't dream of following. Didn't get home until 10:30, so didn't have breakfast until late.
Went to Kohl's and got myself a nice blouse, then to Sprouts and got myself some nice rock fish. Home just in time for lunch, then rushed over to the Townehouse for Dr. Woodling's lecture. Doris and Sherry had saved me a seat and it was good to see my friends. Woodling's talk was on nutrition for the elderly and was pretty boring. I had to leave at quarter of three while he was still yammering on, in order to make my hair appointment.
Mary did it (my regular stylist, Amanda, was out) and did a very nice cut--to just under the ears and it curves toward my face. I like it a lot. El called just as I was leaving to see if I wanted to got to Ojai to look at a house. Sure thing, and we did.
Boy, this is a gorgeous area, quintessential California, with flowering plants, cacti, and towering mountains all around. El looked at a place that needs some work and the agent will take her to see another this morning before we go to the protest gathering.
Had the rock fish for dinner after a busy, but very enjoyable day.

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