Monday, April 24, 2017

Ojai and Environs

It turned out to be a good day. Ellen called about 9:00 to say she was free until about 4:00, so did I want to go to Ojai in the afternoon? Sure thing, and she said she'd pick me up at 1:00. I had time to finish my Sunday crossword and to zip over to WinCo, where I picked up a nice piece of halibut and some acorn squash. Went to Sprouts for blackberries, then home to finish up my theatre display stuff. Thinking of a possible future move--very tentatively--I looked up some rental information in Ojai and Oakview, which is a town near Ojai. I got interested in a small house that looked charming, in my price range and with two bedrooms and a bath, and we actually looked at the outside. That's a long shot, though, and I'm not really serious.
We strolled around here and there, with lots of people out on such a beautiful day. Stopped into a little cafe to sit outside on the patio, El with iced tea, I with Chardonnay, and that was nice.
Home at 4:30, I put my acorn squash in the microwave, seeded it, and seasoned the halibut. At that point, though, I realized I hadn't gotten in much exercise, so I jumped in the car and drove to Kimball. I wasn't going to go the whole mile and a half, but by the time I decided that, I was at the point of no return, so I did and I was glad I went the distance.

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