Sunday, April 02, 2017


Well, they're gone. I got to Ellen's at the appointed time of 5:55, and we left shortly thereafter. I asked to sit in back next to Mr. K., just so I could see him a little longer. He was sleepy, then dozed off. We got to L.A. in only about an hour, although once we reached the airport, it was about twenty minutes before we got to Delta's terminal 5. K. had to be lifted out of the car seat, but revived and was put down; final pictures were taken, goodbyes said, and off they went. I was rather proud of myself that I didn't cry; in fact, I was okay with it. The title of Thomas Wolfe's You Can't Go Home Again occurred to me. I'm living in one called "You Can't Make Your Children Children Again" and so it must be.
As we had eighteen months ago when I reached California, we stopped for breakfast at the Main Street Cafe in El Segundo. Ellen used to live there and it's a nice small-towny area. I had two scrambled eggs and coffee only; no toast or meat, as I was determined to be back on my dietary regime as of yesterday.
Got to El's in good time and she took the car seat out of her car. This took a lot of time and great effort, as the things, once installed, are very difficult to remove. She then tried to get mine out and had no luck. I'll get somebody at Meineke or somewhere to do it. I took the little boy toys and put them in my trunk, then left while Ellen took a well-deserved nap.
I had intended to do that, also, but kind of got a second wind after I went to WinCo for veggies and stuff. Came home and gathered up the toys here; I put the large number of giant Legos in a plastic bag, consolidated the plastic boxes, and put the books and balls in. I was able to get it all in my trunk after putting my lawn chair in the back seat. I'd like to give the things away to somebody with kids, but if I can't find any, I'll donate them back to the thrift store.
Speaking of--I went to Goodwill for a tall, thin vase to hold the beautiful bunch of daffodils my first born had given me (he gave some to Ellen, too). Found a nice one, bought it, and took it home. Got a text from my tenant with estimates for an exterminator (tiny ants), which I thought was steep. She suggested she get others and I thanked her for that.
Stir-fried onions, celery, and diced carrots, boiled up and dressed my favorite fresh spinach, and had some of that, plus salmon, for dinner. Went for a drive after, just to get out.

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