Thursday, April 20, 2017

VCS And So On

I'm coming up from my slough of despond, I'm happy to say.
Went to the VCS meeting at 9:30 at Silvercrest. It went on longer than usual, thanks to Suze'es histrionics, but that was okay. I had asked my Caregiver's "phone friend," Mary A., if she'd like to come to the meeting, as she lives there. She asked that I come up to her apartment after, instead, which I did.
Mary told me she has lost her vision, but when she opened the door and greeted me, it was hard to realize that. I automatically shake hands when I meet someone and I did now; Mary reached out as if she saw it, but maybe that was just an impression. We sat in her small apartment for about twenty minutes and had a nice chat, although she's pretty provincial, I'm afraid. When I mentioned I had a son in Tokyo, she said she would be afraid to go there "because they want to bomb us." I guess she watches TV "news." Mary converted to Mormonism a few years ago and clearly, the church means a lot to her. She has a gorgeous black cat named "Shadow," who watched me suspiciously the whole time I was there.
Stopped at Smart 'n' Final on the way home and picked up chicken thighs. The instant I got in, I turned on the oven and preheated, then sprayed a pan and stuck them in. They were finished in the fifty minutes or so it took me to change and start assembling some of the acting class material. Had a thigh for lunch along with half a spaghetti squash.
I'm sick of my clothes, some of which are now too roomy and was determined to buy new. I won't wear sleeveless or cap sleeves out, but look for long or three-quarter length, which are often hard to find. Penney's and other stores at the mall had nothing I wanted, so I went to Kohl's. Tried on piles and heaps and scads of tops and finally settled on two: a plain shirt-type and a pullover in electric blue. I also tried on five bras and bought three.
Went from there down the beach, took out my chair, and sat happily on the sand for a half hour or so. Just a few other people were there and the wide expanse was beautiful, especially backed by the mountains and with the Pacific roaring nearby. I debated with myself whether to go to the BCNN happy hour at Barrel House 33, but finally decided against it. None of my friends were going and I really don't need another glass of wine. (I already had my weekly limit--two--at the widder dinner.)
On my way home, El called. Realtors are coming through today and she was advised to cover a spot on a corner of her upstairs carpet which Sebastian had damaged. She asked if she could borrow the Samurai warrior figure my Japanese daughter-in-law had given me to hide it. Sure thing and I took it over. She then found that somebody was coming to see the house at 5:30, so she brought over her dinner over here and we dined together--so enjoyable. She's having an open house on Sunday--already, her house is on the market!--and let's hope it sells fast.

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