Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Mix

A semi-pokey day. I took out some of my acting papers, as I now want to work on a lesson plan for each week. Teacher Ellen taught me the importance of these some time ago--you sure don't want long periods of free time for third-graders and I don't want my class to lapse into discussion mode, either. Made applesauce and put it in the slow cooker. Went to Sprouts and got salmon and rock fish; I'll be sprouting myself soon--with fins.
Talked to Betty, who had just gotten back from her weekend reunion in Ocean City--sixty years since she graduated from Misericordia. Said she had a wonderful time.
I was determined to get to Oxnard, as it's just silly to avoid it. I looked on Yahoo Directions for a non-freeway route, found one, and printed it out. However, when I was on the road, I took the (emotional) leap and turned onto the 101. I was proud of myself, but got off too early and got slightly lost trying to find The Collection. Finally did, parked, and went in to Whole Foods to say hello to Greg. Darn, he wasn't there and must have been off, as he often is on Mondays. Okay, I've resolved to do it again today or tomorrow.
Not satisfied with my lack of exercise, I went after lunch to Kimball, and did the walk. When I got home and into my parking place, I met up with Suzanne, who invited to come see her patio flowers. Wow, they're beautiful and I was happy to see most are in planters. Great--I didn't want to have to dig into the hard soil and I won't. Suzanne gave me snippets of rosemary and basil and said I could take cuttings of her gorgeous vine geraniums anytime. What a great neighbor she is.

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