Friday, April 28, 2017

More Goings On

Still busy with a ton of stuff. Suze called me about 8:00 (am) in response, I assumed, to my problem with the Senior Services thing. However, we really didn't talk about that; instead, she said she wanted me to ask the Ventura Star editor a certain question. This would be at the "Meet The Press" event that we of the Ventura Council for Seniors was sponsoring. I wasn't thrilled about that, but said I had to know what it was and we'd talk when I got there.
That was about 9:15 and the question was concerning the small article about the event in "Community Briefs." The headline was "Lunch to Feature Media Panel." Suze--and her husband, John, who writes the VCS publicity--were annoyed that lunch was given such a plug, instead of the topic of the meeting.
Personally, I thought that was silly; I told Suze I'd express something about it, but I wasn't going to be combative or belligerent. When I finally had the microphone (the affair was televised), I voiced fairly mild disappointment to editor Whats-Her-Name that the headline trivialized the meeting. She assured me it wasn't intended and apologized and who in the hell cares, anyway?
The meeting dragged on much too long, it seemed to me, thanks to Tim Gallagher's moderating style, which was a bit pokey (Tim is the former editor of The Star.) The other two panelists were from weeklies: The VC Reporter, The Breeze, and Condor Call , the Sierra Club rag, edited and mostly written by--guess who?--Suze's husband, John.
My friends, Carole, Doris, and Sherry came (I'm pleased Carole will be in my course and Sherry won't be). They had the lunch, but I didn't, as I don't want to eat things out just yet. Besides, it was hot dogs, hamburgers, and cole slaw, none of which I eat on my regimen. I did pick up a bottle of water and sat and talked for a bit.
Went directly to SCAN to find Marsha and new director Tony there by themselves (it was about noon, so others were at lunch). I told them I wanted to cap the course with those I had--twelve--and they readily agreed. Tony seems a good guy, who has a masters in some kind of administration, but is also a physical trainer or something.
Zipped home to change and have a late lunch, then out to Ralph's for tilipia, salmon, and raw shrimp, which was on sale. I'm still eating a lot of fish--can hardly believe I like it so much. Put it in the fridge, then drove into town and sat in the fountain park for a bit. As I was pulling into my parking space, El called and we had a good talk; things are looking up all around.

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