Friday, April 21, 2017

Wash, Phone, And Trout

It was wash day in triplicate: I ran the loaded dishwasher, did a washer full of clothes, and washed my own self. Did that early, as the Caregivers' monthly coffee was at 11:00--.
Only it wasn't. I got there and found I had again (I've done this before) written it on my calendar a week early. Darn it, but I enjoyed chatting for a bit with director Tammy G.
Went from there to WinCo looking for trout, but they won't have any until Monday. Got some strawberries and other goodies. Home, I picked up the phone and--AAGH! Again, no dial tone! Called AT & T, hopping mad, was told somebody would come before 6:00 pm, didn't believe them, and did my usual gnashing of teeth and screaming like a banshee.
Well, it makes me feel better.
Took the clothes to the laundry place and left them while I washed and sliced strawberries, diced onions and green peppers (I have both a mandolin and Chop Wizard), and sliced zucchini. Put the last and chopped onions in the slow cooker, at which point, the phone man came. He picked up the handsets and, wouldn't you know, got a dial tone on all. I explained how this had happened before: didn't work, then did, then didn't, and so on. The real truth is, AT & T is determined to drive me crazy. However, this young man was a really nice guy. He told me to call him directly, if it happens again (oh, it will, fear not). His name is Tommy Trunnell, and he actually gave me his own cell number, which I'm recording here, just in case I can't find it later: (805) 701-9844.
Drove into town and bought some picture frames at the thrift store. These are for my "publicity photos" of the various plays I've been in; I want to put them around the room at SCAN. Stopped at Sprouts on the way back for trout. I thought it was a white fish, but this was red and looked a lot like salmon. I bought it anyway and will see how it is.
El texted me, asking if she could again bring her dinner to my place and eat here, as the agent was bringing somebody in at 5:30. But of course, that would be lovely and it was. I pan-fried the trout with a few seasonings and it was very tasty.

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