Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Car Again And Trump

Active day. I went to Five Points Car Wash at 10:00--thought I'd be early, but as usual, the place was jammed. However, as we sat waiting outside, I fell into conversation with a nice young man--well, he said he was 45--who said he was a "marketing and branding person" for 805 beer. Hey, I love 805 beer! He used to go to Indonesia to surf and stopped over several times for several days in Singapore. He and his English wife are expecting their first in August; it's a girl and will be named Sienna (AAGH!) or Aida, which I like.
Anyhoo, it passed time enjoyably and when we said goodbye, my little blue beauty was sparkling inside and out. Went from there to Penney's to change the Saturday appointment I had made for a Friday one, as we're going to niece, Carolyn's, that day. Appointment is for a cut--can't wait to get rid of some of this mane.
From there, I drove to the library, thinking I'd see Timothy of the great-grandmother was Grandma Moses story. His wife (as I found out) was there and said he was under the weather. I'll see him again another time. Wife's name is "Way-Way"--at least, that's how it's pronounced. I think it may be spelled "Wye Wye."
Home for lunch, then to Sprouts for rock fish. Took it home to put in the fridge, then went to the beach. Sat happily for a time, then went to one down a bit and looked it over. Nice and I'll be going back.
On the way home, I stopped at WinCo for salad stuff and also got a pound of shrimp. I want to get some of their rainbow trout shortly and I'll try Swai, which I had never heard of before. Fishmonger said it was like catfish, but not as gamy, and you can pan-fry. I'm going to start growing fins soon, as I'm really getting to like fish. I want to get some rainbow trout, too.
El called and we discussed Easter. We may or may not go to Carolyn's early on Saturday, in order to join a "show us your taxes" protest. I'm very ambiguous about this. I'm certainly not a Trump fan, whom I despise; however, I count the Clinton/Obama duo equally repulsive. As for the neo-libs who worship at their shrines--it would take a book to explain my mixed reaction to them. Well, I don't object to going, I think it would be an interesting experience.
Note: This blog is good for something, I guess. I realized I hadn't received acknowledgments for my three submissions to serve on Ventura advisory committees. Couldn't remember when I had turned them in, looked it up (March 20), and e-mailed the city to ask about them.

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